Why Design?

Everyday I view the world from a design perspective, in regard to good and bad. The world is constantly evolving and in turn, we benefit greatly from improvement and innovation. It is the problem solving and my desire to make things better that fuels my desire to design.

I approach design looking to create that extra value that the consumer or user is looking for in a product. I feel that the research step is important to discover that extra detail or function that the user needs. More important, is implementing that idea from concept into a finished product that meets the required market price and manufacturing cost.

In addition, I own a horse and have ridden and competed in local shows since I was in middle school. I also have a strong belief in fitness and healthy eating and cooking. Both of these areas have taught me discipline and patience in respect to self-management.

My experience in everyday interests plus my training at Arizona State University in the Industrial Design program had given me the ability to take on design challenges. Self-management and a basic common sense approach to design projects is key to success. Please view my portfolio of work. In it you can find a collection of projects that exhibit my design research and methodology plus basic ideation sketches, engineering, and CAD and prototype models.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work. Please contact me to further discuss my design to consider me as a good candidate for your design team.

-Chelsey Hessen